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 Rules for RolePlaying

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PostSubject: Rules for RolePlaying   Rules for RolePlaying I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 14, 2011 3:47 am

If you have any problems in the RP, PM the Moon Guider or another higher ranked member.

*Note: This rule list is subject to change at any time, so check it regularly to stay up-to date with the rules currently being enforced.

-No quoting posts
Just, please don't quote posts in the RP, it can get annoying and confusing as to which words are yours, etc.

-Stay realistic
Please keep the role play to a realistic, wolf level. Wolves can't climb trees, light fires, make snowballs or leave huge gashes in things with their claws. If you have any questions regarding realism or if you're just not sure whether something is realistic or not, feel free to PM another member that you can trust with realism, preferably the Moon Guider, Jewelz.

Also, this includes most forms, if not all, of human interaction. Humans will not 'take your character away' or try to kill us. It'd make the most sense that this pack is in a protected area, and so, it is treated like one. There may be some exceptions to this rule if it has to do with a planned RP plot carried out by the leaders.

-Do your rank's job
We have ranks for a reason and would like our members to actually do what their job is. If you're a Sun Watcher, keep watch, if you're a Claw, hunt, etc. If you are not sure what your rank is, check on our pack’s WolfQuest topic page before asking to make things easier.

-No god-modding
God-modding is when you take control of other people's characters without permission. This can simply be controlling them, or forcing them to act as they would not normally do so. This is annoying and may upset some people, so please do not do it, wait for their reply and/or permission first.

-No power playing
Power playing is when you make your wolf invincible or have super powers as an example, forcing others to lose fights by ‘throwing them against a tree’ is another example. This is highly unfair and angers many people at times, so if you are fighting another player, ask them on the chat or through a PM to agree on who will win the fight to make it fair and understood, with no hassle or killing involved.

-Use proper English skills whenever possible
It’s ok if you’re not that good at writing, but please, at least try to use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation in your posts to make them understandable and enjoyable to read. We don’t care if you’re lazy, but we like to be able to read things easily, and keep Jewelz alive, so please try.

-No cussing/cuss words
This basically means, do not use any foul/curse/vulgar words/language in our RP to keep it nice, and child friendly. :3

-Have respect
Be nice to each other, and remember to respect everyone and especially the higher ranked wolves and listen to them without any hassle.

-Mates, pups are allowed
You are allowed to have a mate and pups, although once the pups become a yearling (one year old) if we have not found anyone to RP as them, they must disappear (there may be exceptions at times). As well, do not make a big deal about having mates or even getting to the point of fighting over them, and keep it to a non-graphic, child friendly level.

-Fighting is allowed
As long as you follow the other rules, such as no god-modding, no power playing, etc. and you are fair and discuss who is to win on the chat box to understand an agreement, it is allowed to fight with another player in RP, with of course, no killing.
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Rules for RolePlaying
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