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Collisione tra Paradiso e Inferno

→I'm surrounded but winged being like myself, I can't see the stone walls or floors because the place is so crowded.
"Liknaru Draghartwart. You are to be ripped and banised to Earth." The largest being present spoke
"Never!" I hiss, spitting at the being.
"Sieze him" The Large one called.
The walls of the building came into veiw because whatever was there before, was coming. Coming to rip my wings off and throw me to the non-firey hell called Earth.

A place for the young - such as me - to be forced to learn usless infomation in which they will never use it there life. I look at the clock and it's teaseing ticks as it moves slowly round the numbers. The bell then flares a loud percine nosie. I jump out of my seat and set to work on hussling my belonging as fast as humanily possible in to my white and black checkered bag.
"In a hurry Metcalfe?" The teacher Mr Lewis calls over to me in a cocky voice.
"Yupp" I reply. Simply, zipping my bag up.
"Well, I need a word with you" He smerks knowing how desperate I am to leave.
I sling my bag over my shoulder "Another time" I say rushing out of the door before he could say no more.
I race down the stair pushing past the younger years - Well I am older than them so I might as well use my bloody arthorty. Out the door, fresh air hits me after the dull maths lesson. I take large, fast strides past the main building to the track which led to the sports feilds, I stop. I wait.
"CHLOEEEEEEEEE" a wave of shriking runs towards me. Then ram into me, nearly on the point of knocking me over. Only when they release do I see who it is. Briony - A slender girl, skinyest of us all with her long dark black hair. Her matchstick legs and scared arms from self-abuse. Her face is narrow, freakles over her nose and under her yellow to green eyes. Just shorter than me and slightly younger only by a mounth though. Next to her, Sammy - To her mum Samantha, chubbyest of us all, as well as the shortest. Her black to purple hair coming to her shoulder, linded with greace and wavey. Her deep brown eyes glimer with exsitement. A nice girl but doesn't know what she wants in her life, she has a history of two failed suicides. And the last of them all - Amy or how she spells it Ammiee. I can't say I take to her that well but she say's what's real; even though she does stuff for attention but at least not as bad as Sammy. She has long, curly bleach blonde hair and werid coloured eyes, a mix of brown and green I'd say. She's got a bit more chub to her than me, also in the year below like Sammy.
"Chloeeee" Briony says fluttering her eye lashed and cuddling up to my arm. "You couldn't lob us a fag, could ya?" she says sweetly nudgeing me with her elbow.
Since it was Briony of corse I would, I've know her since primary school, she not my best friend. She's more like my wing man but, of corse she's a girl - At least i'll be worried if she wasn't! "Sure you can Bri!" I chirp, slaping her back with force.
I see her face scerw up then she forces a smile, "Thanks" She huffs then returns the smack, yet it doesn't hurt me.
"We should be hurrying up. The PE staff will be coming down soon!" Amy wines. I roll my eyes at her commet, I only put up with these two clowns cause of Briony, even though they think I like them.
"Got a point, where we going to Clo?" Briony asks
I think then say, "Follow me" I slowly walk down the path leading to the sports feild, I see Jake standing a the top of one of the banks, his ginger hair giving him away. I fasten my pace into a run, people are already down there. We past the new tennis courts and make our way downhill. I slow down to a walk when we get to the sport shed, I turn left. At the bottom of the bank was: Liam, Megan and Becky. All of them having a fag. I lay down against the sloping bank and un-zip my bag and search inside for my bacci tin. After a few seconds of thumberling around I drag out a square golden tin with a cannibis leaf on. I prize it open and take out two rollie's. Briony takes seat next to me, Sammy on the other side to me and Amy goes next to Becky. I hand one of the rollie's to Briony. I then look up to Jake.
"Jackey boii, keep look out pleaseeee" I call up to him.
"Already on it, cloo-boo" He smiles back to me.
"Good" I mutter to myself, place in the tin into my bag and ziping it back up. I place my fag in my mouth and search around for my lighter, no luck. Must be lost.
"Anyone, got a lighter?" I speak beween my fag.
There was a pause, an un-confortable one.
"Liam does" Megan say - Megan, if it isn't anything I hate, then it's a ass licker and she. Is most definatly one!
"No, I don't" Liam says defensivly, widening his eyes at Megan.
"Oh realy, then suprise me. How did you light that thing in yer' mouth then?" I say spiting at him
I slowly produces a green lighter from his pocket with a sheepish look. He throws it to me. I catch it with one hand and spark it; putting the flame to the end of my fag. I pass it over to Briony and inhale the smoke, calmness over taking me.
"Good man" I say to Liam as Briony throws it back to him. Best thing about being the oldest year in the school is that all the younger ones do as you say! Unless there cocky but then they just have a death wish - Speaking of the Cocky ones, there's one coming this way. I quietly smoke while she approches. Catherine, HA! A two faced slag that will do anything to get people to like her. In her mind - goal achievided. She thinks every noodles likes her, oh how wrong she is. It would bring me such satifaction to crush her face into a million pieces, but she's going out with my best mate - my best mate is a boy just so you know. But just cause there going out, doesn't mean I have to play nice. Personaly I don't see what he's see's in her, she's fat for a start. Has a HUGE mole above her lip and wears his jacket which is ridicously long from her.
"Hey babe" she smerks "You wouldn't give me a fag would you? I'll pay you back two tomorow" In her horrible green eyes I see a gliter of sarcausim and falseness.
"Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Let me think about that" I say breathing out a cloud of smoke "No" I say almost of the verge of laughter "Why would I give one to a slag like you!" I snarl, simply wanting to physicaly vomit just by seeing her face.
"Good thing I didn't want one of you!" She says, holding her nose up at me
"You always want what you can get" I resort, then turn my gaze away from her, I don't want to even waste my time of her.
"Put it out!" A low warning hiss sounded from above. Everyone franticly stubbed there fags out and laied there cool, acting as if there just chilling and NOT smoking.
The PE staff walk down behind then a small army of young students in sports gear. I take a while to look at everything and see how normal everything is. Well that is apart from me!

→The 'smokers crew' then reassembled itself at the old tennis courts, it was summer so everyone went down the bank, but when everyone else goes down we come up here - It's not just because we are anti-socail little noodles it's simply because if we want to smoke we can up here. No teachers. No risk and most importantly no after school detention!
We were stood in two groups, in one: me, Briony, Sammy, Amy, Becky, Megan, Shaun, Binks and Lottie (Who is three years younger than me and doesn't even smoke!!) In the other: Marcus, Liam, Catherine, CJ, Carl and Jake.
"Hey, Clo i'll ring you tonight" Lottie says bounceing about.
Before I could answer Binks butted in "Realy what is the point, you'll see her tomorow." He moans, he always moans! He never stops, he's such a ass! The only reason i'm nice to him is because my friend Kate is out with him.
"Oh, shut it Binks. I can't anyways. Busy" Well I do try and be nice, but my patience always runs thin.
"You're always busy though" She pleds in a high winey voice
Mabey because I don't want to talk to you. "I know right" I decide that was a better answer, I have a motto you know. 'Anything for a quite life!'
I got lost in the conversation after that, blanked out. It was of no interest of me.

A short while after Braedon showed his sorry mug around the coner. Braedon was huge and strong! He cared about how he looked, he faked tanned (He even did mine!) moisterises, strighten his hair and does all that. His mum helps, being a bueatition like. But today he had his light brown hair spike up and crowned together kinda like a shark fin.
Lottie, Amy and Sammy ran over to Braedon quickly - All the younger lasses bum over Braedon, me and Briony always go to him 'You're like a slice of cake. Everybody wants a slice!' We do amuse our selves but today he looks troubled. He quite literaly has to rip the three younger ones off him. After he manages to do that he dully walks to me.
"'Ere Clo, I need a word with you" He says, his eye's dull and voice distant
"Sure" I nod talking strides away from the rest of the group just so they can't hear us.
"I'm screwed over, Clo. Don't know what to do." He says flatly "My life is noodles up."
By the sound of it he wanted to kill his self. He did try once, with Tom from the year above but he's left school now and wants to be a boxer. "'Ere you look, don't you go all depressed on me!" I say harshly, raising my voice. "You're my top man! You can't just leave me. You're not killing yourself. I won't let you. Promise me!"
"Right now I don't know what I capeable of." he says in a monotone only now do it notice that his eyes are blood shot.
"That slag!" I grumble
She walks over, head held high thinking that the world revoves around her.
"Heyya you, where you've been, why not come and join us over here." She say then reaches for his neck just so she can pull it down to kiss her but he doesn't move he doesn't even look at her.
A smug smile widens across the whole of my face, so impossible to supress.
"Look, am trying to talk to Chloe." Braedon says his usual paient and kindness gone.
"Why can't you tell me!" she demands, stomping her feet.
"Careful, we don't want an earthquake" I sniger, letting a sharp laugh slip through my mouth.
"Oii..." She was cut short
"Just leave, will ya!" Braedon shouts, With that Catherine stormed off.
When Catherine was out of hearing distance he spoke "Right I was getting to telling you. I don't want to kill myself..."
"Thank god!" I let out a sigh of relif
"She's cheated on me and got herself up the duff so am just gonna cut my losses but the only problem is that she will spread round that the kid is mine." Braedon carries on blanky "So I don't know what to noodles do"
"Well" I huffed half suprised "I suggest, you dump her and then we go for a fag of the roof."
"Yup, act first, think later." Braedon say rubbing his hands together
"If that fails, PFS!" PFS- Plan For Survival. "I'll met you up there." I say then jog off to behind the gym. To get on the roof is not hard. I climb on top of the bin then carry on that roof and jump up so i'm actruly on top of the roof. The roof is zig-zag shaped so know one can see us.

One minuet. Two minuet... fainaly ten minuets then fainaly Braedon surfaces and crawls over to me as if he's in a 'James Bond' film.
"All done, she in tears but I couldn't give a noodles" Braedon says with a tone I couldn't read. He dips into his pocket and pulls out a fag and lights it with a lighter he pulled out from the other pocket. "I need this" he sighs "She can spread what the noodles she wants about me"
"Yeah, don't worry I'll smash her head in."

Shortly after Braedon finished his fag, I checked my phone - Only half way through lunch time.
Bradon jumpes off the roof and follow him and jump, he catches me, slowly lowering me to the ground.
"OI! Wait there! " I voice shouts at us to our left, we look in that direction. Mr Bernargies. BUSTED!

→ Outside his office, for the rest of lunch. After school detetion, I can live with. Letter home, I can't deal with, Mum will have a bitch fit and I don't use the phrase lightly.
"If it weren't for me. You wouldn't be here" Braedon says with his head in his hands.
"B'rite" I shrug it off like it's no big deal.
"I never though I would say it but I'm glad we have lessons soon. There's something I didn't think I would say!"

The bell goes, but we're told to wait so we can be escorted to our lessons incase we run away for a cheaky fag.
"Right you two. Follow me" The pompose twat says.
As he walks he belly over hangs his trousers and his trousers ARE too short, he's wearing knew sock with you can he under his trousers and his brown shoes even though he's wearing a black suit. His shirt is red and he's wearing a orange tie! Does this man know no bounderise of sensable.

"I'm sorry Mrs B. about Chloe's lateness." May I just say that Mrs B. is the only teacher I like and talk to realy, in our year we are given a teacher which we talk to after every lesson and they ask us things like 'how's you?' 'Boy trouble?' Blah Blah....
The fish liped git carried on "She's been on the roof, with Master Gatenby. God knows what they were doing." He snorted in which I grimanced to, and happen to be the moment he looked at me. "What's so funny then, come on share the joke."
I ignore him and go and take my seat next to Kate - I like Kate she know the most about me, I tell her most stuff, she likes to dabble in the spirtual stuff.
Mr Bernargies lingers, momenterily then turns and walks away. Dan - one of Braedon's mates. "What you two been up to?" he askes then the whole class gets involved it's not hard including me and the teacher there's four..five ...A grand total of eight.
"Shagging proberly" Kate's high voice butted in the noise bluntly.
"They better not have been" Mrs B. says inocently then smerked and let out a chunkle - She was in her later thirtys, short hair, bobed. Very ingelegent and down to earth, nothing susprises her. Nothing. Not even went I told her me and Braedon were having an affair.
"Wouldn't suprise me" Kate smiled then looked at me, I meerly sat back in my chair and gave her a cheaky smile.
For the frist five to ten minuet of the lesson we usual talk about thing, I let the convosation slip over me and soon we go on to the conversation of boobs.
I sink myself lower into the chair hoping my lack of involment into the convosation would make them forget I was there but OH NO.
"Oh yeah, Chloe has massive knockers." Kate splurters, She can never let that one go, EVER! "34 Double D" she fake coughs
"Kate" I yawn "Seriously, let it go" I grumble in a stern, serious voice.
With that little fude over, Mrs starts the lesson.

→ Lesson end, Kate was still in a bad mood after I grumbled to her, but at least Tom was picking me up today, so no akward bus journey. I grab my folder and throw it on the self.
"Oh Chloe, before you go. How's things?" Mrs B. asks as everyone else is leaving.
"Good, yeah"
"If you need an ear..."
"I know where to find you" I finshed her sentance. She smiles. I smile. All good, then I turn to the door,

Outside there's a mix of small children looking for there buses. I push through them all and up the path leading to the road. I look for a silver Ford Focus, I don't know much about cars only what that one is and what it looks like. I catch a glimp of a silver car behind another black car, I walking slowly but to see it's not Tom. I stand still and look down here I came. Something then comes to my attention, it's a car being rev'ed I look up to see Tom sat in that car. I walk towards him. He's not in his usual focus but a Mitserbishi. I open the door and duck down.
"Nice! Yours?" I said impressed
"Every bit." He glems ovbiously proud out his new car. "Hope in!"
I climb into the car, admiring the spoiler in the mirror, I was extra carful not to get muck on it. I try not to shuffle my feet because he's kept it in a clean condition.
"Where we going tonight, yours or mine?" Tom asks changing gear hard making the car jolt forwards.
"You couldn't drop me off at home, I need to sort some things out" I say thinking to the letter home i'm going to be getting.
"Sure thing, take it your not going to be out tonight?" Tom asks in his husky voice
"Sammy and Amy will be"
"When arn't they" Tom chuckles

Tom drops me off at the bottom of the lane to my house two reasons:
→ He doesn't want to gete his new car mucky since it is a farm track.
→ Mum doesn't approve of any boy other than Braedon, but that might change tonight.
I wave Tom goodnight and hee wheel spins off, the reving engine noise bouncing off the dry stone wallls. I turn and head up the track alone, it's not far at all up just round the coner and BOOM your there.
I stand infront of the stable door, I peer through the glass in the middle, I can see light from under the other door inside. Great, she's home. Everyone's home. I'm noodles.
I slowly open the door. I kick my DC's off into the shoe rack. I then remeber my bacci tin, I fish it out of my bag and place it inside my tall black riding boots, no one will look there because they don't fit me. CLANG CLANG! I jump out of my skin, but then exhail deeply when I see it's only the washing machine. There's another sign in which she might be in. I deside to bite the bullet, I lung for the door pushing it open, nearly running through.
"Chloe" A dark angry voice spoke, I look up to see my older brother, Lee. Apart from he's not the eldest, my other older older brother is Micheal.
"Oh you had me worried, I though you were Mum" I breath a sigh of realif
"Do I sound like Mum?" he squeeks, over agjaderating everything.
I was tempeted to say, yeah you do, you high balled bastard but I needed him on side. "No" I say plainly shaking my head side to side.
I was glad, Lee wasn't being a prick. He mustn't know. That means Mum doesn't know! Great! RING RING... I could feel my heart sink now, I stare at the phone widly. I slowly take my fingers to and snatch it to my ear.
"He-" I clear my throat "Hello"
"Chloe? YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE MISSES" She screams down the phone, I hold it a couple of centermeters away from my ear. It still easy to hear even Lee can hear her. She then quitens, "Kim rang." My hearth flutters, Kim is Braedon's mum I hope he hasn't done anything stupid! "He's run off, she wanted you to ring her. So do it and don't be too long on the phone!" With that she smashed the phone down on my. I slowly put it back on it's stand, and take a second to breath.
"OHHHHHHHHHHh You in troooubbbleeeeeee!" Lee points his finger at me and laughs
I climb over the brown leather sofa so I don't have to go past Lee, I then race up the stairs. My room was the frist on the right. I'm still wearing my school uniform, I rip my blouse and sweat shirt off, leaving my grey strapy top on under neith. I rumage in my wardrobe and pull out a purple polo shirt, I would wear it if I was going riding but for now it will have to do. On my bottom half I'm already wearing my extra tight black skinny jeans (You shouldn't wear them for school but I do anyway.) I race downstairs again, this time jumping clear over the sofa, but then crashed into the door. I peel myself off and go into the garage. I grab my pair of heavy motocross boots. I take them outside and slide my feet into them putting every zip and buckle up.

I try to run in these boots but it's more or less impossible. I bound as quickly as I can down the lane next to my house which lead to the shed. I look under the stone by the door and pulled out a key, quickly trying to place it in the lock, I turn it sharply opening the door and putting the key back from where I frist got it from. Inside the small shed was only enough room for my yellow four fifty Suizike crosser. I get my black helmet from the handle bars of the bike and push my hair back then fitted the helmet on my head. Moving part of my fringe away from my eyes I put the bright yellow goggles down. Then I turn my attention to the bike, I grab hold of the handle bars and shove it backwards out of the shed and start to turn it up the lane towards my house. The shed door slams shut behind me. I hop on my bike and pull the kick start out. I thrust it down with my leg with all my power and turn the throtle simulesstainasly. My bike rev's into action, I pull the clutch in and kick the bike into first gear, and I jolt forwards.

I shoot past my house and down the lane by this time im in fourth gear. I skid out on the main road and look for my turn off, I lean into and corner where I go off the main road down a single dirt track.

When I reach the end of the endless dirt track I get to another main road, I drop into nutral and wait for a two cars to zoom past. Kicking the bike back into movement I go over the road into a grass hedge, I follow it on a short distance then come to a gate. I lift the gate whilst still on my bike and swing it open not bothering to close it behind me. I follow a foot path down to the river. Infront of me was an extremely narrow bridge where I decided to go incrediblely slow on, untill I reached the other side. By this time all I had to do was go through two more feilds then join up with the farm track then I was there.
As I got to the frount door I turned my bike off and leaned it against the side of the house. I walk into the porch and swing the door into the kitchen open.
"Hello! Kim!" I shout in, I hear thuding coming down the stairs.
"Oh Chloe thank god your hear, he's back but I can't get another word out of him." Kim looked worried, which scared me, she never got worried, that wasn't her. What's going on!

Bursting into his room, I see him sat on the edge of his bed, a black shadow hanging over him, the shadow didn't even cast his body and there was something evil about it's presence.
I stare at the meancing shadow with a suspisious glare, never taking one eye off it. I don't move, I stand on the edge of the room, my only escape rouite.
"Braedon?" I ask, keeping my voice strong.
I look to my disbelife and his head rotates 180°, my legs want to turn tail and run but something holds me here, my reckless curiosty.
I gaze at his mis-shaped body, and his eyes. His eyes, wern't his own, they were dark and gazed over. His lips slowly move and a voice slurrs out the words "Our world is ending, your loved ones will fall, come to me. Escape all." It hisses to the end, when the hiss fades out of nowhere, my friends head explodes. Flying parts of his skull smash into the mirror shattering the picecs, the remains of his brain showering the room walls - including me! - The rest of his body, laying flat, blood pumping out of the O in his sliced neck. This is too much, this isn't the way it's suppose to be! All I seem to know is that I have to leave. QUICK!

→My bike, fast - too fast but I don't care not now. Death is a strange thing I affects people in different way, but I don't feel any pain, no tears wet my cheek, I just feel numb and feeling that I have to run away from all this and I shall.

I dumped my bike out side, and i'm currently on the way to my room, I waver the questions away from Mum asking where the blood is from.
Out of my closet, I pull out another pair of tight black skinny jeans, a white vest top and a black shirt which has no buttons on. Sliping into the I consider changing my lanced, frilly white and black matching underware and bra but there's no time, only time for running.
I clamber down stair, then put my riding boots on, then turn to go out the door. On the other side of the door was my faithful cat, Minky. She has ash grey fur and milky green eyes and purred happily when I was near. She jumped up on to my shoulder as she normaly does, I turn to her and she rubs her head against mine.
"Well if you want to come." I say nothing else to my cat, or do I want an answer.
As i'm running along I see the sun fading and the moon trying to take control of the earth. I'm nearly there though, nearly at the one thing that can take me where no car can go, my horse.

→Jumping over the gate, I feel Minky's claws sink into my skin tight as I make the jump. I turn round and throw the gate open - which I didn't know why I didn't do that in the frist place - I turn back round and look down to my left, a small bucket turning it over reavels a large black bridle which is always there. With darkness creaping in thick and fast, I can't see my horse for the black background.
"TOMMY!" I shout, then to answer my call I heard thuds of an un-shoed 14.2 hands horse rush towards me. He stops just before us, I gentally push his mane to the side so I can see his dark, kind eyes. He's cleaner than I'd exepect, his black coat shines. I put is bridle on, the jump up on his bare back. Tommy seems quite and un-fazed for a change, but there's no time to worry about what he might do, I have to escape.
We head to the moor, Tommy, me and Minky. Minky is still on my shoulder, holding on for dear life and I make Tommy streach out his canter, we climb farher and farher up the moor un-til it becomes to stoney and we're re-duce to a walk - I think the cat likes this speed and as for Tommy, he loves to run but he's glad for the rest.
This is my only time I've given much thought, I got no money, no tent, NOTHING to survive with, hell I'm damned! Tommy shot his ear forwards and looked to the side, I pull my reins back, and we all stand to a hault. Only a fool will ignore there horse - then again, only a fool will leave for the moor at this time of night.
I wait. I watch, the same place, the same place my horse is still looking at.
A pale blue skined human-like creature shoots up into the moon lit sky, I has to most ear cringing cry ever imaginable, but that's it, Tommy runs away from the scream, I hold on tight knowing I'm hopeless, Minkey does as well. I can feel it's presence behind us - the screams gives it away also.
As Tommy contines running, the rock become more dense, he could easiy break a leg but he carrys on until, he mis-places a footing and all three of us go crashing down...
I just manged to grab the cat before hand and sheild her before we hit the ground, HARD. I feel myself brusised and one of my legs numb, I try to move it but I doesn't respond, I feel my heart skip, I look down to see Tommy crushing down on my leg. The pale blue creature is nearly on us, I can feel the end near, it flys over us, and hiss then spits at us, I know the spilt is vemonus I can feel it skining into my skin and rushing through my veins, seizeing my body, plunging me into darkness.

→The blackness fades, colour returns although I only see black and white, I look to my leg, I feel no pain, my long black riding boot is scratched though which is good in the sense that the events actruly took place. Below me is a white and black checker floor much like a chess board but on a grander scale. I look up, the celing is high and white also in a dome shape with random swirls. The walls are black, with pilliars the mirror each side but something about this room seems grand, like it's the master room - where ever I am! I look behind me and stright ahead is a throne, the seat of it is black and very plain, the legs and back rest is white and holds lots of random swirls much like the celing. There is someone is the chair, my eyes still havn't come round to detail of people yet, I begin to open my mouth but no words will come out. I see the person in the chair rise and walk towards me. His walking makes no sound, but at least he's looks human and doesn't have wings and blue skin.
He stops within a meter of me, I study him. He wears black shoes, the kind a bussiness man would wear, moving up her has black trousours that hold the shape of his leg, even though the arn't as tight as mine. He wears a white shirt, the sleves rolled up just above his elbow and he was all his buttons done up and a neat, smart black tie. Over the tie and shirt he has a black waist coat which is perfect for his body shape. On his neck he has a tatoo of two dice, black and white of corse, moving up to his face, his skin is as white as a sheet of paper (As is the rest of his body) he has a narrow face, small nose and grey eyes . Over his eyes he has the most percuilar scars, one goes stright down from the top if his forhead to the top of his mouth and then on top of that there is a small horizontel one which is just above his eye, they are the same on both. To finish of my anylise of this man, he has jet black hair which is chin lengh and flicks out where it looks to've been held in place by gel, I look closer to see his long ear sticking out, it reminds me of that of an elf but it curls around it self. Finaly he speaks. "Rise" After all this time I'ld exspect more than just that, my his deep voice rings around the room making him seem almighty but never the less I do as he says and get to my feet, I see if there is any dust on my clothes but there is none. I see the man, look me up and down the rests his gaze on my eyes then smiles.
"I'm Liknaru Draghartwart, or Naru for short, who may you be?" He says holding his hand out to shake.
I reach out and shake the hand "Chloe" I say, eyeing the man with suspision "Do you know where my horse and cat is?"
"Ahhh, yes. You know it is long since I have seen a Cavallo and Gatto. Don't worry my young friend, that will come. There are things we must discuss"
I try not to the these strange words put me off but I carry on. "Promise me there safe return and I'll answer every question"
The man - Naru, laughs lightly. "Such a plesent soul. I can promise that. You may be un-aware but you are of greatness. You are like me, we have the power of the great within us, the stop the collision!"
His words wash over me, this isn't real, this can't be real, I come from a moor to a palace but one word sticks out. "Collision?"
"Sì, Di Inferno e Paradiso. Or in you langauge, Hell and Heven."
I gasp, I stare confussed mabey this is 'Inferno' for me! I have so many questions but no answer to none of them, I need to ask them but can't. Where do I come into this, madness!
"This is why your here," He begins almost reading my thoughts "I have chosen you for many reasons, the two main ones. One, you are a Lupo Uccisore. Second, you can read music."
Wait, Lupnio Ucusiorrse, what the noodles is one of them! But the music seemed to trouble me more. "What's music got to do with anything?" I asked confussed, starting to get my bearing around here and being like my old self.
I see Naru git his teeth slightly, then he smooths he face. "Music is everything" he belows, throwing his arms out "This whole room, is all to do with music, it's all ivory like the keys of a Piano and black and white just like a Piano. The celing is in the style of Baroque period and the walls is styled after the Classical period and the floor, well in it's own sense it's kinda New Romantic." As he says this, he looks at each feature of the room and nods approvingly
I remember the words: Baroque, Classical and NewRomantic from my music lessons at school, so music generally origined in Italy. "So your Italian right?" I ask regardless when English sounds like a langauge he's used his whole life.
"Yes, correct." he beemed proudly then waved his hand in a signal to follow. "Come, come."
I follow his, by his side he go past the thorne that domananted the room and the celing rises up so more and we find our selves in the centre of a absoultly massive room, two staircases one to our left, one to our right, and directly infront of us is a huge stained glass window, the height and lenght of the room!
"Ahhh, yes the window; the only thing in this room with colour, since white isn't a colour and black's just a shade. On the top heven" He says pointing out angles "Below Earth" Moving his hand lower, "Below Earth, Hell" He says through gritted teeth, his long, fine fingers crushing up into a tight neat fist. "It's there to remind me-"
I but in, not wanting to know more about the 'collision'. "There's plenty of time to talk of that. But there is other matters, for example where I am? Where is my animals? Are you going to return me?" I press on and set about changing the subject.
"Yes how rude of me" He looked slightly startled to begin with but he sorted his waistcoat out and out of one of the pockets he pulled out a pocket watch, the ones that realy old people or posh people how have, he checked it and put it back. He then rests his eyes on me again and relaxes. He lifts his hand up to the stair case of the left with a white banester. I walk over and see the steps, White, Black, White, Black, White, White, Black, White, Black, White, Black, White, White...
"The steps are the order of keys on the Piano, arn't they?" I ask looking down at them as we desend.
"You know few realise that - actruly only you. Funny that" He smiles, looking over to the Grand Piano in the middle of the room. We stride over to it.
"This is my other centre piece, PianoForte a coda." He takes a seat on the black piano chair, "Care to join me?"
I don't speak in reasponce,I simpley take place of the left side - the bass cleft side.
"What do you play?" Naru asks, resting his hands on the keys.
I can't help but to be swept away by this stranger, it's strange I'm attracted to him but not all at the same time. "Double Bass" I reply softy, feeling my cheeks blushing slightly
"I didn't exspect that, somehow" I see his face slightly taken back. "You shall have to play to me sometime, but I will show you the music room later, it has every acoustic instrument, I care not for 'amps' but as for now, do you fancy a gamble?"
I would never exspect someone like this well dressed man to be a gambeler, but then I see a flash of the dice tattoo. "What kinda gamble?" I ask eyeing him susoisiously
"Okay, I will play a piece. You have to rekonise it, if I win. You have to play music of my choice to me all night. If you win, well I'll do what ever you want, deal?" he says with a eagar grin on his face, dareing me to accepct.
"I hate gamblers, but deal. Play on"
"Excellent!" He beams, then turns to rest his hands on the keys of the Grand Piano, he presses down lightly, I lean back so not to be in his way. The sound is amazing, it carrys on forever, bounceing around the room, it's hard not to get carried away with, in minor key, a very emotional. I let myself be carryed away with the music. Just to relax and let it sweep over me.
It comes to a end with a perfect cadense, I know the piece well. Naru looks but to me with his grey eyes questionaly. "Turkish March by Wolfgang Motzart"
"A very well done, my word is my word. What do you want?" He looks please almost happy to do anything I ask him.
"I want you to do as I want for the rest of the night, within reason." There are lods of things I want to know and do but I have to get them all done before I am able to sleep.
"Sounds, somewhat... fessable. What first?" He asks his slim smile still in place.
"Questions, Where are we?"
"Rome" he says simply, but that will be enough to satify me for a while, at least we're on earth.
"How did I get here?"
"Ahh!" he says jumping up, walking over to the door, below the two stair cases. "Helcin" he calls down, but with no great sound. He looks back over to me, "I was meaning to tell you this"
I get and slowly walk over to him, woundering what will come out of the door. My stomach tightens at the thought of the pale skined creature bursting through killing us both. To my suprise a teenage boy walks through. He has white and black trainers on, with baggy black fat pants. He has no shirt of, but his muscels rip out of his skin, on his neck he has a cut in the shape of an '+' much like Naru's, his two front teeth stick out of his mouth and his hair sticks up in all direction but the things that makes me shudder the most is that his skin has a tint of blue to it.
"Helcin is the creature that collected you for me, he is a Cacciatore you see?"
"A what?" I direct the question to Naru
"Cacciatore is a Hunter" Helcin replys, this langugue is clearly not his own, he sounds german but not to broad.
I try to avoid his eyes when he talks to me, but I can't resist, he has ruby red eyes that glicen from the shandler above. "So why am I here? Why did you bring me? Why me?" I ask egding closer to Naru
"You have great power, and are involed in the collision, but since you say that you didn't wish to talk about that then I accecpt that, another time. As for Helcin, he won't hurt you." Naru says looking softly at me placeing one of his arm, ridge across my shoulder.
"No." he replys, swishing his head, he reaches out his hand for me to shake it. "Helcin Hovenor, I still am in the dark over your name?"
I reach for the hand and we slowly shake. "Chloe" I say eyeing him for evil propties, and coming up his none.
"Right." He say, standing up tightly as if he was in the army. "I'll leave you two... to it." He peivots on one foot ands begins to talk through the room when Naru stops him...
"Could you possible get the Cavallo and Gatto?" Naru smiles politely
"Yes, Master" Helcing then turns off and walking through the door he came out of.
"So, the rest of the place isn't black and white, it's more home like. Well to me anyway." He grins then goes and opens the door, I walk through and find myself in a long corridor, stone flooring, celling and walls. Hung on the walls are torches, fire roaring out of them lighting the corridor and also set back within the walls are suits of ammor. As we progress, you see them at regular intervals, each holding a sword with amazing detail, no two never the same.
"So what's with the suits of ammor?" I look up to his face and his cool expression breaks and his face comes alive.
"They are my brethren, my kind. There are only few - even though they are 364 here, but the time they are spread over is about a million years." he says it very plainly.
The corridor finaly ends, and the are two large wooden doors infront of us. We walk through them, the room opens up, to a warm somewhat family room. The floors are carpeted and hold complex yet buetiful designs, the walls are wood pannels, there is a wooden stair case which swirls round the room heading upwards also fitted with the same carpet. There are three large, green leather sofa's they surround a large table, on the table are books, pen, paper, the stuff you would exspect to find. Lastly, set back from the table is a grand fire place, layied infront is a large bundle of grey fluff.
"Minxy!" I call to my cat happy so see her, I see her ear's twitch and look up at me, she then rises but she's changed - BIG TIME! She's the size of a large dog, not as fluffy her fur is tight, she has the tail, body and paws of a lion, but her face remains the same just less fluffy and her two front teeth stick out but it has gotten bigger cause it looks the right size.
"Yes, she reacted to Helcin's venom, she just evolved into this over night. I assure you she is your cat." He then coffs to correct himself. "Lion."
The grey lion bounds over to me, I pat in realising it is my cat, newly lion. This is going to talk some getting use to. "And my Horse?"
"He's outside, we have stables you see, my yard hand's are taking care of him, he's cut had a few cut and brusiens there seeing to, it's dark outside and he proberly will be asleep, but I will take you there if you wish, to see he's safe."
"I trust you he's safe." I say petting Minky, who purrs with delight
Naru points to a door way to the left of the fireplace, it was no door. "That's the kitchen, if you get hungry in the night" This finger then points to a door under the staircase. "The music room. Then to the right of the staircase that leads to the gallery and through that is the consevertry and outside to the stables. I'll give you the tour now or tomorrow?"
"Tomorrow, I'ld like to see where i'll be sleeping" I can feel my eyelids dropping with the heat of the room.
Naru leads the way up the square spiriling stairs, it continues furher but we stop on the first floor. There is a medium lenght corridor, there are three doors, one with a dragon on it, another with what looked to be a vampire and lastly one that was a wolf on.

→'My room'. A cream coloured, soft carpet. The walls are dark silver with black lines going down in equal steps. The celing is textured and white. The furinture, there is no wnidows but a massive four posted bed, the bems made out a black coloured wood, there are lods of cussions. Opposite the bed is another fire place, smaller than the one down stairs and above the fire place is a status of a wolf. To the left is a walk-in wardrobe and either side of the bed are two bedsite tables. To top it all off there is a huge chaderlier hanging lit with candles. It's alot to take in, I stare mouth open, in stunning silence.
"You like it? I had to re-design, It used to me all black and what weapons on the wall, since we had extra space, I though a girl might like a big wardrobe." Naru, is very modest about it all, and try to please.
"I love it" I cheer, wrapping my arm around Naru and squeezing. I let go. "It's amazing." Minxy then pushes past the door, and runs infront and curles up infront of the fire. "Is it okay, if she sleeps in my room or is she not aloud upstairs?" I ask hoping she can stay
"She can go wether she like, it's a free house. But be careful of some of the rooms and objects some are dangerous but I'll tell you which ones they are. We have breakfast at nine and we descuss what we do from there. We won't be doing anything un-human yet. You need to settle in first. I'll wake you in the morning at nine, also do you want me to wash thoughs clothes? We need to order some for you but I though you better do that but this way you have something clean to wear."
"Oh yes, that be great. Where do I change at?" relife knowing i'll have something clean to where.
Naru blushes at this mistake. "Forgive me, I'm so acustom to male company. If you follow through the wardrobe, you come to your en suit. There is a dressing gown on the back of the door."
"Thanks" I open the wardrobe door and step through, it's not as long as it seem, only about three meters, at the end is another door with a crystal handle, I turn it and it click and the door swings open. The bathroom is quite small. It has a light wooden floor with white tiles on the walls. In one corner is a shower, oppostite a radiator with three thick black towles on. The other side is a toilet, a sink and a standing mirror about the side of me mabey taller. I close the door behind me and the dressing gown swishes and catches my eye. I take off all my clothes and leave them in a pile on the floor. I grab the silky smooth dressing gown and put it over my skin - It feels so soft. I pick up my clothes off the floor and try to find my bra and underware under the other clothes - just a bit kinky. Wink

I hand over my clothes to Naru "I'll give them to you in the morning when I wake you, is there anything else you want before I head off to bed?" He asks and I can see him fighting sleep.
"The shower works right?" I ask, legs still covered in mud from the moor.
"Yeah, night then" he says with a yawn then leans forwards and kisses my cheek before walking out of the room.
Why did he kiss me? I shake the thought away and go through the wardrobe into the shower. I throw my dressing gown on the floor and turn the shower on "AHH, COLD COLD... ahh warmm" The warmth was so lush, everywhere is this... where ever I am is warm but it feels nice to get clean. This world seems werid, in a matter of hours I went form England to Rome over night. My cat is now a lion. I've met a vampire and there is going to be a collision with Heven and Hell - and I have to stop it! Sometimes life can be so noodles up; but at least I have things to look forward to, getting to know Helcin and Naru. Riding Tommy out in there amazing huge arena's. Exploring the house and Rome! Finaly getting some new clothes, this could be the fresh start I need. Stepping out of the shower, I grab a towel and dry myself and my hair. Picking up the silk dressing gown and hang it up on the back of the door and make my way back into where my bed is, I pull back the covers and flop into the massive bed, sinking into the cusions. I pull the covers over me to just above me weist. "Minky, you coming up?" I call, then she leaps up and lays flat out over my legs. She's heavy but i'm too confortable to move, I slowly sink into the mits of peaceful sleep.

→ I wake, I sense that it's still dark outside. I look below, Minky is still asleep, I pull my feet out from underneither her and crawl up into a little ball. Only now has it hit me that II have left the ones I loved behind but most importantly Braedon's dead. Tears slip from my eyes like a flood. I'll never see him ever again, never touch him, never hear his voice. Never tell him. That... that I loved him. I'm sixteen but it's the closest thing i've been to love, it's no walk in the park but it just feels amazing at the same time. I feel my body seizeing up and I grab hold of myself tightly. I hope this is a dream that I wake up somewhere, anywhere and it will all be okay, there will be no 'Oh heaven and hell are collideing and you have to stop it.' I feel like I can't do this, but something I not sure what is telling me keep going it will all end up fine.

→ "Rise and shine." Naru's bright voice sounds
"What" I groan, grumpy as ever. I JUST WANT TO SLEEP!
"Breakfast, and I've brought your clothes up. We'll discuss the plans of today of breakfast so come now when your ready"
"Be down in a minuet." I croak head sinking into the pillows more.
"Okay then." I hear him shuffle his feet "See you there then..."
In reply I say a muffled 'ok' it's TOO comfortable to move, Right how am I going to wake up. I throw the covers off me and strech, soon to realise Naru lingering at the room and that i'm naked. GREAT START TO THE DAY!
"AHH!" I scream full girl screach and dive under the covers "I thought you left!!"
"I was waiting until you actruly decided to move, but you begin well, decided to spring to life."
"Well shoo!" I snarl at him
"Very well." he said and closed the door softly behind him, i moved from the covers off me and jumped off the bed. It was alot higher drop than I remember but oh well.
I slid my clothes on and walked over to the door. I looked over to Minkey "You coming" I yawned, running my fingers through my hair, in reasponse she left up and bonced out of the door and raced ahead of me and I heard her go down the stairs. I closed the door behind me and in the corridor was a man walking with his hands behind his back, it reminded me of an soilder.
"Hi..." I said with curiosty "..Can I help you at all?" I rasied my eyebrow and started at the guy, he had no shoes, no top the only clothes he had was a rag of a pair of trousers.
"I am a servent mam' seeking permission to access you room, madam?" The servent said with all the politness you could ever ask for.
"Ermm.. sure feel free" I said and he bowed to me and entered my room, it's not like i own anything in there, but as he entered the room I saw on his back a scar but before I could register anthing else the door came slamming shut.

→I went down the square sperail staircase, passing the living room into the kitchen, to the left was a kitchen, the walls were painted at deep orange colour and the draws and cabinates were a dark brown wood with black work surfaces, there was a large agar and a black fridge frezzer, to my right was an enormous dinning table, were Helcin and Naru were eating, there was another stranger with them. I walked over and took a seat.
"Who was that dude waiting outside my room?" I ask, shuffling my chair forward, I was opposite the stranger, he had black floppy hair that shined with health, like the servent he work no top, but he obviosly clock so hours on the benches because his has some lean muscel.
Naru finished his mouthful and cleared his throat. "That 'dude' is one of my servents, here to clean and do my biding, but here" he lifted his fork to point at the stanger opposite me. "This is Patch, he's my most loyal and trust worthy servent, hence why he was good clothes and shoes." Naru gave a snort or was it a short laugh "He's the only one with a mind"
I hear Helcin sniger at the other end of the table, but I locked my eyes on Patch, his face didn't alter, he keep very in control of his facial features.
"Patch, would you be so kind as in to make Chloe some breakfast, then when she's ready bring her into the indoor arean, something has come up." Naru said shuffling his chair out, Helcin doing the same.
"Is Tommy alright?" I ask, the frist thing coming to mind.
"He's health as a horse, litarly - but like Minkey he reacted to Helcin's venom, eat first"
Worry sprad across me like wild fire but I saw the relax expression on everyone's face and that conforted me, Helcin and Naru had left the room. It was just me and Patch.
"Want something to eat?" Patch asked, this was the first I'd hear of his voice, it was deep and husky but it feel double edged it also had a dark and inviting timbre to it. "I have some scrambled egg for you, if you want it?"
"Yeah sounds good." I reply, feeling my cheaks reddening into a blush and I watched Patch rise from his seat, his chair grinding on the wood floor. I watched him walk over to the oven, He had baggy black jeans that hung below his hips, exposeing his white boxers. He turned round with a plate in his hand and i notice his body in full. His snail trail, his lean, mild muscular body. He placed the plate infront of me
"Bon appetite" He said.
I touched the plate "OWWW!" I scream, shaking my burning hand
"Did I forget to metion it's hot" he smerked a evil grin, I looked at him amazed, no sure weather to be pissed off him or amazed that it didn't burn him.
"How come it didn't burn you?" I accused
"I don't feel things, I'll get you some ketchup" he said and before I could reply he was at my side, ketchup in hand.
"Wha- How-how did you do that?" Before he answered my question, he was squezzing ketchup on my food
I looked at what he done, on my scrambled egg was writeing in ketchup it said:
'Ur Rum, Nw.
I look up to find Patch, but he was gone. I was alone in the kitchen. I didn't feel hungry anymore, I wanted to go and tell Naru about Patch ...But then some part of my like the danger that came with him. I WANTED to know more. I got of my seat and made my way upstairs.

→At the entrace to my room, I put my ear to the door, if Patch was in there, he wasn't making any noise. I gulped my fear and entered, only know wish i'ld brough Minkey with me.

→Patch was stoad next to my bed, he had a smug grin swept on his face, his eyes dark and black, so black i couldn't define the pupil from the iris.
"Knew you would come" He said in his double timbre voice, walking towards me so only a slice of air was between us.
"Yeah, I'm here" I put all my effot to make my voice sound confidend "Why my bedroom?"
"Don't worry, I have no intention on wanting to rape you." As Patch said those words, I let a small sigh of relife out. "A wolves mind is it's own. No one else was get through un-less invited, and that goes for the same for this room. If you give permission for someone to hear what this room had hear, then only then would they be able to hear, otherwise. no. Basicly this very room corrosponds to you" he growled the last sentance.
"Wait, so everything we said in the kitchen, wait. Everyone can hear that?" I ask so confussed trying to make some sense of well any of it, but something i've realised being here is that don't try and make sense of it, just go with the flow.
"If they so chose, but only me, Naru and Helcin can but it just so happens they are the people who we can't let hear!"
"Why not?" I demanded
"Have you ever heard Naru call you Lupo Uccisore?" Patch said looking deeping into my eyes with seriousness and hostitily.
"Yes, wait! Don't change the subject!" I shout at him
"It means, Wolf Slayer, that's you - well he hopes. Helcin is, Vampiro Cacciatore that's Vampire Hunter and as for Naru" He hissed his name "he's Drago Master, if you haven't worked it out yet it means, Dragon Master. Together you are a Forza, and ruler of the three states: Hell, Earth and Heaven. Naru is evil! Trust me, but there is something you need to do for me."
I slowly processed the infomation and after a long silence, I spoke "Why should I do anything for you?"
"I'm an angle, sent from Heaven above" He said in a mocking tone
"I snorted, "Fat chance, where are your wings, then"
"I use magic to keep them hiden, but think about it, we are alike. Naru can't control our minds like he does with his servents and Helcin."
I stop and pounder to what he might ask me, "So what do you want me to do?" I ask out of no where, Patch was taken by surprise he was expecting more questions and accurations
"Fristly I did to find out if your a Master." He spoke darkly his eyes glitering
"If I am?"
"Your helping" Patch gave me the darkest grin imaginable, and winked at me.

→I stood in the indoor arena, I was faceing a 14.2 hands black gelding. My horse. I let my eyes skim along it's back to look at the two, black feather wings, shaped perfectly to rest, each side of his stomarch..
"Tommy!" I gasped, inhailing quickly
"He's still your same horse, just like Minkey is still your same cat." Helcin said very plainly, throwing his hand to point at him.
I breathed a sigh, Naru hand rested lightly on my shoulder. "Helcin, understand she is not used to our wolrd."
Helcin, muttered something un-intelligible, I screwed my forehead. "I want to understand" I spoke bravely
"Sweet, are you sure?" Naru said bringing me closer to him, in a way I wanted to walk away but something held me there.
"Tell me what I need to know and no more details" I threw the words out before I had chance to stumble on them.
"okay, this is all you need to know. I'm half dragon, half... human." Naru cleared his throat, seeminly choking on the last word. "Your half wolf, half human. You know Helcin."
I tried not to think about it, it was for the best. "So how do I change into a wolf?" I asked keeping my promise to myself.
"In time, don't rush these thing. As I said before little one, two days to settle in. Tomorow we shall train. Which reminds me, we use this arena to train ourselves, but ride Tommy here if anywhere. We don't want him taking to the skies with you on his back." Naru imformed
"Okay, but first thing tomorow. Promise?"
"Of corse, now shall we order you some clothes?" Naru asked me
"Yeah, sure." I hate clothes shopping

→ On the large dark oak dining table in the kitchen, infront of me I am faced with a large catologoe, I flick throught the pages quickly, jotting certain sizes, colour and catologoe numbers down. I wanted this over as quickly as possible. I hated shopping like this. After getting through the yellowpages-sized book I rested my pen down and handed the order form to Naru, who was sat next to me.
"That was quick" His eyes wide with astonishment and disbelef
"I don't mess about" I say, shuffling on to the edge of my chair, to I could touch his arm with my hand, slowly running my hand lower down his arm, until I got to the top of his leg, then without warning his head snapped to the door, I instantly returned my hand to my own keeping.
"Yes Patch?" Naru demanded with slight hostilness
"Errrr.... don't want to interupt anything, it's not important" Patch said, his voice tight and feet shuffling on the floor "But if you need me my room is first on the second floor." With that he turned and walked off sharply.
"That was werid" I faked, I knew what Patch was doing, but I had to act suprised
"He does that sometime. Anyway, I heading to the music room, care to join me?" He said rising from his seat, holding his hand out for me to take.
"Yeah, I'll love to." Grabbing his hand he pulled me off my chair into his arm. I didn't feel confortable, but it didn't last long un-till he relesed me and we walked hand in hand into the music room.
The room was very clusted with intruments all over the place but centering it all was yet another piano. I then remember his early speakins.
"Don't go all Itailan on me, please. Just for this night" I said fluttering my eye lashes
Naru gave me a grin. "Okay, but you owe me one"
With our hands en-twined we made our way over to the Piano, I like last time took the Bass Cleft side and Naru the Treble.
"If you ever wish to play the piano, play this one. The other one is dangerous." Naru's voice was a picture of serious and a hint, a very slight hint of threat.
"I not much a piano player. So no worries." I shrug off the warning
"You seem to take seat here first, one could only think that" Naru apolgised
"I took seat next to you" I looked at him in the eyes, but he couldn't hold my gaze long before he turned his eyes to the piano keys, running his fingers over the key, pressing lightly on the desired note.
As the music melted out of the piano, I spoke softly, more like a quite wisper "I often think of playing the piano as a dance between the fingers, each in harmony never getting in the way of one another" I caught Naru's smile, it was a tense smile, all this concentration was on playing. "You must think I'm mad." I wispered again.
Naru then laided his fingers to rest, "I don't think your mad. I imagine playing the piano a powerful thing, that was one of the reasons it took to me also it needed a certain talent."
I smiled gentaly, a long finger brushed lightly down the side of my cheak down to my chin. "I love that smile" Naru wispered in my ear.
Now I realy didn't want to be here, or go through with anything. I wish.... I wish.... I dunno, anything but this.
I shuffled away "I'm going up to bed."

→Minkey was no where to be seen in my bedroom, I took my clothes off smoothly, only my bra and underwear remaining. I jumped into bed with only that on, I laided, content. I could easily drift off. There was a knock at my door. "err... Come in?" I mumble across the room.
A medium height figer came in, my eyes were blurred with sleep so I could make out who it was, the figer stoad beside my bed.
"Those clothes you ordered should come tomorow I forgot to say." I soon realise it was Naru,
"Is that it?" I ask sleepily
"Well, un-less you need anything?" He asks, his breathing getting considerably louder.
I think for a moment, this could be my only chance. "Get in" I breathe soon wishing I hadn't
"Excuse me?" Naru asks, is eyes showing shock but a glem hiding something else
"You heard me" I said shuffling over before I could regreat those words as well. Naru, lifted the covers up and laied beside me.
"What's up?" He asked confussed
I didn't know at this point what to say or do, but something rolled off my touge "I owe you one" Before I could think I leaned over and crushed my lips clusimly over his. Naru pushed my body away, so there was a good few inches between us, but he still had his hands on my hips from when he pushed me away.
"No" He said between deep breaths
"What?" I said timedly, not wanting this but needing it.
"I can't" he breathed again
"Or won't" I sigh
"I want too" He said looking up, fighting this.
I ran my hand up his arm, yanking it forcing his body on top of mine, before he could say anything, I crushed my lips to him again. Again, he pulled back, "Your handly wearing anything" he tried to reason between breaths. This time I ignored his plee and ran my hand to behind his neck, kissing him. This time he didn't pull back, I felt his grip tighten around my body, his weight crush down harder on me, and his lips more intense, more desprate. Now he'd taken controll, overpowered me. I was his little pupet, I couldn't move un-less he wanted to move me. From the moment he took over, I wish I never started his, this was wrong, so wrong. His hands started to wander all over my body, carelessing me. I didn't want to remember his, I turned my brain to auto pilot and hoped it would be over soon.

→ I heard Naru put his clothes on, I was curled up in a tight ball, hugging myself. I felt used, but more I felt angry, angry at Patch, I decided when Naru went, I would march up there, drag him here and give him hell.

After a while Naru went, I heard his door close. I put on a dressing gown and slowly open my door, I lightly walk up the stairs and the first door i am faced with is one with wings on. I burst in and see Patch directly infront of me. I breathe in ready to shout and scream at him, but his hand covered my lips and before I knew he was carrying me down the stairs and back into my room. As soon as the door closed behind us he removed his hand.
I stand there and look at him in silence, un-sure what to say.
Patch kept his intense gaze and with no intention he spoke deeply "Did you do it?"
"Yes" I suddenly sob, tears wetting my cheaks. Patch wraps his arms round me and held me. Calmness came over me, i breathed out, it felt like all the weight in the world had just left my body. Un-like Naru, Patch made me feel safe and he didn't make me cring.
"You still had you mind" Patch spoke with suprise "How was it?"
"Awful" I say into his chest
"Okay, it's over now. We know your a master" Patch said with determination

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PostSubject: Re: Collisione tra Paradiso e Inferno (CRIT NEEDED)   Collisione tra Paradiso e Inferno (CRIT NEEDED) I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 08, 2011 3:30 pm

I've read this before but I read it again, I love it! Especially the first chapter since I'm in it xD, haha and lol at the kate thing cause its sooooo her, basicaly just an average day xD, apart your mother doesn't approve of braedon does she now Wink
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Collisione tra Paradiso e Inferno (CRIT NEEDED)
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