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A Heaven-Sent Howl (Chapters 1-3, Preview of Chapter 4 up!!!) Empty
PostSubject: A Heaven-Sent Howl (Chapters 1-3, Preview of Chapter 4 up!!!)   A Heaven-Sent Howl (Chapters 1-3, Preview of Chapter 4 up!!!) I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 08, 2011 6:28 pm

Sorry, MD, Ash, Convel ect. who has been reading the story! Chapter three is NOT OUT, despite the title. I wanted to split the chapters so that they don't run on and you know and junk like run on sentences and stuff that is always annoying and by the way, I hope you all have enjoyed this run-on sentence, and I hope people like the story, and give me credit if it is used and all of that junk, so yeah! I hate bad grammar. So, like I said before, give credit if ya use it. It takes some charries of CMP, but I asked for permission first.

A Heaven Sent Howl

Written by Amanda Pogue (Me, for anyone other than MD, Artemis, Convel, and Ash ect.)

Chapter One

“Not. Funny!” Akela gritted out. Akela was Sombry’s sister, and the Element of Space. Sombry had just reversed the time to show her how idiotic she had looked, falling off the cliff after trying to catch Ash and Amari. “Did’ja see how easily Kon took you down? Did’ya see your face? You looked so stupid, paws a flyin’! You’re gonna look REALLY idiotic to Harsch, when I show him!” The golden brown brute laughed, grinning widely. “YOURE gonna look really idiotic to Harsch when I tear your flea-infested fur into the stars!” Akela snarled, her fur bristling. “Akela… cool it… it’s against the order of Sun and Moon to kill an Elemental, at least until his or her pups are old enough to take in position… and I haven’t had pups yet…” Willow said. Willow was Sombry’s mate. She was the Earth Elemental. Suddenly a dark grey wolf took place beside Akela. “Sombry, you leave Akela alone, before you both get hurt,” the grey brute said. He was Storm, Akela’s protective mate, and the Air Elemental. A low rumble took place in Sombry’s golden chest. Storm snarled, taking a dominant position over Sombry. The dark grey brute’s tail was high, and he glared down at Sombry. Sombry lowered his furry tail and slinked backwards, towards Willow, who nuzzled his neck. A black male strutted forwards, out of the mist, a snow white fae at his side. The brute nodded at Storm, and looked at the others. Then he snarled, thunder coming out of the night black muzzle. “Where is Flash and Blaze?!” he growled. The femme trembled. It was Ocean, the Water Element, and Snow, the Ice Elemental. Then, next to Sombry, a yellow male walked forth. Then came a rust red she-wolf. Flash and Blaze, mates. Ocean stalked forwards, and clawed Flash across the muzzle. The force sent the yellow brute sprawling. “We called you earlier; you shan’t be late next time unless you wish to get hurt,” the male growled. Flash snarled, and stood up. Ocean moved on to the red fae. “And you, Blaze, have hardly a reason to be late. For that…” The brute brought his magnificent fangs onto her shoulder, and the bone broke with a sickening crunch. With new pain, Blaze let out a loud yelp, and struggled to stand under the weight of Oceans terrifying ivories. A roar blasted through Flash’s muzzle as he leapt on top of Ocean, and pinned the male. In a flurry of blood and fur, the two males bit and scratched each other, until Flash was pulled away from Ocean by Sombry; the black-furred male was pulled by Snow. Willow stood over Blaze, who was on the ground and unconscious from losing the blood that was now making a puddle on the ground. “Help her!” Flash snarled. He nuzzled his mate. Finally, the bleeding stopped, and Willow could place a paw on the wound to heal her. A green flash pulsated throughout Blaze’s body, yet the red she-wolf did not wake. The Elementals crouched over the seemingly lifeless body, Sombry standing next to Flash, his eyes closed in a tearless weep. Suddenly Blaze’s eyes blinked open, she breathed in gasps. But in few seconds her breathing was normal. “Oh great Lupin, I thought you were dead…” Flash murmured and he nuzzled his mate’s neck. Ocean looked completely astonished that she was still alive. “We are here today to decide what to do about the wolf, Ash, in Clear Moon Pack. He has the Potential to be an Elemental,” Ocean rumbled, drawing the glaring looks of Flash and Sombry and Willow, and the admiring stares of Akela and Storm. Blaze’s eyes were closed; she was asleep. “Wait a sec; shouldn’t we wait for Harsch to get here?” Sombry asked. Ocean growled, but closed his eyes in consent. As if called there by some perplexing force of space sent by Akela, a stone-grey wolf stepped out of the mist. Pebbles flew upwards at his appearance. It was Harsch, the Element of Rock, and one of Sombry’s two best friends. “Harsch! You’re here! Good! Come on!” Sombry yipped, happy to see the grey brute. Willow licked the golden brown male’s shoulder, beckoning him to sit before Storm did something. “Now, we will discuss the matter of the wolf, Ash. He will be brought here-” Ocean said in his deep voice. He sighed. “Yes, Sombry?” He growled. “Is it really discussing if you order us all to do the stuff you don’t feel like hauling your rump up to do?” Sombry jokingly asked. Ocean snarled, and leapt at the golden-furred brute. Sombry quickly dodged, and Ocean skidded in a puddle of muck. Flash, Harsch, and Sombry all burst out laughing. Willow chuckled quietly beside her mate. Even Storm couldn’t keep the laughter out of his eyes. “Sombry, you, Willow, and Storm will go to get Ash, and anyone else who might have the Potential,” Ocean growled. “Meh, you aren’t an alpha you know…” Sombry muttered, but slinked forwards, only to be pushed back by Storm, who took up the lead of the group. Ocean closed the meeting in howls, and the trio made their way to the place of Ash.

Chapter 2

“C’mon, MoonDaughter, let’s go hunting! It’ll be fun! We can go… to the rocky mountain!” Ash said. He was rather large for a pack scout, but then again he didn’t much like hunting. He was dark grey. “Alright… but I’ve told you a million times to call me MD!” That was MoonDaughter, a pale grey she-wolf, who loved to hunt. She was Ash’s mate. The two trotted on the trail through the den area entrance, to the rocky mountain.

Ash growled; he could smell loners. Three of them. But they didn’t necessarily smell like normal wolves; they smelled… different. Suddenly, Ash recognized one of the scents, that one wolf had on its fur. “They must be near…” Ash thought. The scent was that of Akela; the femme who had recently joined. She said he was insane, but the fae had tried to kill him. He had been with Amari, a black she-wolf, on a random cliff, and a wolf who called herself Akela showed up. Akela had been brown and cream colored. She had attacked Ash and Amari, and then a starry stag had shown up. The deer had knocked her off the cliff; Ash had thought she was dead. But then Amari crawled up to the den, claiming she had been attacked by a bear. And then the femme had died. Next a wolf called Akela had come. The same color; the same voice. The same golden eyes that had glared down at him as he bled out onto the rocks. Ash had accused her of attacking him, but she had just said he was insane, maybe rabies. And now some of the wolves believed her. Ash had thought of those bloody claws since Akela had attacked him; that attack had not been a dream. Had Akela killed Amari? Maybe. But what if the jeering maw was truly back in black? In that evil, killing form? Ash shivered. Suddenly, a snarl erupted behind him. Ash was pinned by a golden-brown wolf, MD by a dark grey one. Two males, and over the brute’s shoulder, Ash, could see a small brown fae. He could smell Akela’s scent strongly on the male who was pinning him, and almost the same amount on the grey one. “So, you’re Ash. YOU are the one who escaped my sister’s grasp. Well, ya wanna know what I’m gonna do in my revenge?” he growled evilly. The brute was so big, he could image biting him and it wouldn’t hurt the male a bit. Yet the grey brute was bigger. Suddenly, the golden wolf did completely the opposite of what Ash expected. He jumped up, and wagged his tail. “Great job, Ash! I'm Sombry, by the way, that’s Storm, and she is Willow,” Sombry yipped happily. “Err, she’s MD… Can someone explain?” Ash said cautiously. Sombry looked over to Storm, who nodded. “They both have Potential,” he growled, and got up.

“Soo… you’re saying MD and I will go to this odd, foggy forest, dive in a really deep lake, get to an underwater cave, bring back an old stone, and then become ‘magical’?” Ash asked, anger lodged in his voice. “Yup, that’s the plan,” Sombry said. “I smell… ADVENTURE!” MoonDaughter chirped. Sombry and Ash exchanged looks. “Well, we’ve best be going,” Willow said. As Sombry reversed Time to get them back, wind whipped around them. Small flames went up. Water spouts shot up. Stalagmites rose. Lightning flashed. The sky seemed distorted. Bushes grew twice their size, then shrank back. Suddenly the moon went bright; the sun had risen. The sun and moon crossed paths, then the sun went back behind the hills. Ash had no idea what was going on; neither did MD. Then, very suddenly, everything stopped. It was all grey. Time was at a standstill; but they weren’t at the rocky mountain anymore. They were standing among six wolves. Three were sleeping, one looked at the group. The other two were laughing among themselves. But the time change had frozen everything; Ash couldn’t smell or hear anything, and everything except Sombry, Storm, Willow, and MD was grey and non-moving. Suddenly everything was back in color, and smell and hearing returned. The wolf who was looking was black. Out of the two wolves laughing, one was pale grey, and one was yellowish, like Thunder, one of the pack wolves. One of the sleeping wolves was pure white; one was rust red; and one was- Akela. Akela awakened, saw Ash, and bared her ivories. Ash snarled, yet felt limp in the stomach. If he attacked her, most of these wolves would spring up to back Akela up. “Course Convel would just name ya stuff, and Thunder wouldn’t stop to think about it…” Ash muttered. The black male came over to Ash. “I am Ocean; the Element of Water. It seems you have met Sombry, Willow, Storm, and Akela. Akela is also the Element or Space. That over there is Flash, the Lightning Element, and Harsch, the Rock Element. The red femme is Blaze, Flash’s mate, the Fire Element; and Snow, the Ice Element and MY mate,” Ocean said in a deep rumble. He put a lot of emphasis on ‘my’. “And because Snow is MY mate, don’t try any moves,” the black brute growled. Ash figured he was like the alpha here. And always best to be on the alpha’s good side. “Don’t worry- erm – sir, MoonDaughter is my mate,” Ash said, fearful for his throat that was so near the huge wolf’s large ivories. Ocean nodded and moved away from Ash and MD to talk to Storm, who Ash figured was the beta. The light grey femme nuzzled Ash’s flank. “C’mon, let’s go to Flash and Harsch,” she yipped. Suddenly there was a squeak. “Micro! Why are you here?” MD asked the mouse who MD had befriended when she had joined the pack. Micro looked nervous to Ash. The rodent pointed to Sombry and Ash immediately knew what Micro wanted them to do. “We can’t go home; we’re… different now,” Ash whispered. There was a snarl and Micro squeaked in fear. Storm, Ocean, Akela, and Snow raced over. Storm knocked the brown mouse into the air. Suddenly Ash noticed something odd about Micro’s posture. His string-like tail was… between his legs?! Of course! Sombry had talked about Animents; Animal Elements; Animals that had the spirit of a wolf and body of a different animal. Only Elements could see their wolven form. And Micro was an Animent… of course! Animents and Elements hated each other. Why else would Micro’ve tried to get them to go home? Willow raised her paw and branches of a tree formed a small cage. Storm threw Micro up, and batted him into the cage. Ocean snarled at the brown rodent. Then he turned to Ash and MD. “You two will be taken to the Adont Lake, to dive into the Gantler Cave, to retrieve the two Ursle Stones and bring them back unharmed,” He rumbled. “Akela, stay here to guard Muss.” Then Ocean saw MD’s and Ash’s confused faces. “The mouse’s real name.” “Oh,” the light grey femme squeaked.

They were at a large lake; the water glimmered, though it was only a moonlit night. “Ash, you shall go down and bring back ONE stone. The stone with your name,” Storm growled. Ash leapt into the water, and began paddling.

Ash lifted his muzzle, inhaled the air, and swam down. Within seconds he saw a rock cave that might lead to the stones. The grey brute paddled upwards, yet the light of the moon seemed so far. His lungs were on fire; they screamed for air. Suddenly his nose hit cold wind, and he gasped for breath as he treaded water. Ash breathed in deeply, and dived down yet again, but this time heading straight for the entrance to the cave. In about thirty seconds, his body seemed numb with the effect of no air, and he swam harder. Suddenly Ash’s paws hit sand, and his muzzle lay on a dirt bank. The brute rested on the grotto beach for a minute, then he stood and walked onwards. After he had walked about a quarter of a mile, he heard a spitting, snarling noise. “Sounds like MD was right. Goodie, adventure… haven’t I had enough in my life?” Ash muttered. The grey male still wasn’t happy about living with Akela. “But then again,” Ash thought, “I don’t think any wolf would be too pleased about living with a wolf that tried to murder you.” He walked a bit more, past a hill that was blocking his view, and saw what was making the hissing noise. A large, scorpion like monster. It was about the size of a grizzly bear, and was dim yellow. It scuttled on six legs, and it had no visible eyes. The monstrosity’s legs each had a sharp claw. It had a tail with a large bulb on the end of it, and the creature was swinging the tail, blasting rocks and boulders. Ash saw its eyes. It had large eyes, one on each side of its body. The thing also had snapping pincers, and underneath that a mouth that foamed, as if it were rabid. “Erm, hi there… listen, scorpion buddy, if you could let me get past you to get the rock things that make me magical, that would be great. Okay, scorpion? Good for you, good for me. Let’s get this over with,” Ash said as he inched forward and to the side. He saw the gigantic eye on the thing’s side, and gulped. The diamond-shaped pupil stared back at Ash. “Now, I'm Ash, and-” Ash said, before the thing roared and charged the grey brute. The male leaped out of the way just in time, yet the pincers grazed his hind-leg. As the flesh opened, Ash tripped in the clutch of the creature. White foam dripped into the wound, making a sizzling sound. As if the pain of having his leg cut opened wasn’t enough, the places where the creature’s foam dripped, the flesh burned with liquid fire. Ash screamed with agony and pain, as the flames lapped up his whole body, searing him from the outside. Suddenly a starry form appeared. “OI! DEER!” It was the same stag that had helped him last time, why couldn’t help him again. “I AM a stag, you know. Name’s Kon. So, how are ya?” Kon snorted. “HOW AM I?!?! HELP ME!!!” Ash roared as more foam dripped into the gash, causing more pain. “Hmph. Fine, but you owe me a cabbage,” Kon grumbled, then accelerated forward, and though the sharpened antlers were thrust through Ash’s chest, Ash felt no more pain. Strength ran through him; Ash got up, and looked at the stag. “Remember, you owe me a cabbage.” Kon grumbled before disappearing in mist. Ash turned to the scorpion, raised a paw, and brought it racing down the creature’s eye. The jelly-like form of it seemed to melt; it turned to liquid and dripped down the yellow, scuttling body. It screeched in pain, and Ash took off down the tunnel as it lay, in the puddle. Soon he came across a fork in the tunnel. “Erm… let’s see… which way to go…” Ash muttered. “Wha-?” Ash mumbled. For a large cat had suddenly appeared. It looked up. The feline had the oddest face- the face of a human! She folded her wings and prowled forward. “So, you are the wolf to best me. Well, I am Jylia, the Riddler. Now. If the clouds were my mother, the wind my father, a stream for my son, and the fruit of the land as my daughter. A rainbow is my bed, the earth my final resting place, and I am the torment of man, then what would I be?” she purred. “Err… air? Wait- no! Rain?” Ash tried. “Hrmph… I was rather hoping you would not get it… but all is well. Go on then, to the left you go,” Jylia said, and nodded to the left. The beast disappeared in a misty cloud. “Ok then…” Ash muttered, and he padded along the path. Soon enough, he came upon a large puddle. “Huh. Wonder what those are… those are the stones!” Ash said excitedly. He dipped a paw in the water. Then he lifted one dome-shaped rock. It read Insanity. “What does that mean?” He asked himself. The brute pulled out another rock. But he saw something that startled him- there were three rocks instead of two. Ash pulled out both, and read them. “Toxin, and Insult. I wonder if that means the powers… Oh, hey, somethin’ on the back!” He read the backs. “The Insane one says MoonDaughter… so that one is probably for her…” He laid it in the pool. “The Toxic one reads Ash. Awesome!” He laid it by him. “And this Insult one is for someone named… Convel?!” Convel was a wolf in his pack. “Wow, three from one pack… I wonder who brought him?” Ash asked, to no one in particular. The male grabbed his stone in his jaws, and loped through the tunnel. He made it past the fork, and the scorpion, and all the bends, all the way to the beach. There, He dived in and began paddling up. The wolf got to the shore, gasping for breath.

Chapter Three

“Well, I'm back. After almost bleeding to death with no help from anyone here, I'm back,” muttered Ash as he spat the stone on the ground. He saw a black wolf by Akela. The brown and cream femme looked troubled. “Well good for her,” Ash thought. “Eh, Ash! Cool, isn’t it, us all three being in the same pack!” The black wolf said. “Yeah. It’s amazing. Why is brownie upset?” grumbled Ash. The black wolf was Convel. “Micro ran off when she came to get me,” Convel said. Ash looked at his friend’s eye, where the red scar still stood. No one really knew how Convel had gotten the scar. He had gotten it in his past, but Ash still would like to know about it.

They were back at the clearing; MD, Convel, and Ash had gotten their stones, been addressed to, and were now talking about what happened in the cave, while the others conversed to and fro on matters concerning Micro and whatnot. “I fought a big scorpion-” Blaze overheard in their talk. “- Blaze! Pay attention!” Ocean’s snarl brought the red fae back to the matter at hand. “As I was saying, someone should teach the new wolves how to use their abilities.” She looked at Ocean. “I will train one,” the femme said. The black male raised his brows. “He thinks it’s amusing; thinks I might hurt myself like a little flicker of light,” this was the thought running through her head before the brute spoke again. “Alright. We can say it will be paying off your debt for showing up late,” Ocean smirked. Flash snarled. “And my mate hasn’t already paid?” He growled.
“I'm fine…” Blaze murmured.
The yellow-furred brute paid a concerned look at his mate’s wound, and glared at Ocean. “Fine, we can train MD,” the male growled. “I can take Ash,” said Willow. “And I guess we can go ahead and have Convel,” Storm said. Blaze glanced at the black-furred male. He had a scar across his face, and he now glared at Storm. “Well, MD, we better get going; you can rest, and then we have training at dawn,” Blaze barked, looking kindly at the light grey femme.

MoonDaughter now dozed lightly in the peaceful moonlight. Blaze watched, before following her mate to their own den.

“MD! Get up!” the red fae barked at the grey femme. “Whaat…?...” MD asked groggily, yawning. Then she remembered where she was and jumped up, wagging her tail happily. “So what do we do today?” the femme asked happily. “First we will be testing out how well you work with your element. What is it?” Blaze said.
“Of course it is…”

MD stood on one end of the field, Blaze on the other. “Alright, I know you might be scared, this IS the first time you will be using your powers, after all. Now, to use your… Insanity … just focus and-“ Blaze said, before she snarled; her mouth suddenly foamed. “… AWESOME!!” MD barked, breaking the focus and letting Blaze back into her normal self. “Err… very good… but you should learn to control herself. Or you might end up like… well… like…” The red she-wolf said, before releasing a small flame onto a nearby bush, letting it burn. “Now, as I was saying, just focus and let one thing fill your mind: the feeling of being, er… crazy.”

After an hour or two of lecturing the light grey femme on the history of rabid wolves; the science of going insane; and how to make a group of animals go insane at one time,- all of which MD believed were payback from Blaze for not listening the first time –MD was allowed to go to the clearing to meet up with Ash and Convel- although it was probably because the Major Elements were discussing the missing Micro. “I am afraid that he might have met up with the others, and started sharing things,” Snow said quietly. MD turned back to Ash. “I don’t think my Element is really Poisen; merely infuriating people. Anyway; how did you guys do?” the grey male said. “Well, Blaze could easily do your job. She lectured me on about every subject. Con- hey, Convel! CONVEL!” MD growled. The black brute cursed loudly, then turned to MD. “Huh- Wha-? Oh… My lesson was good. Akela taught me the taunts that strengthen my power, and Storm took me to see a couple wolves who… had my power. Some older wolves that had studied in my Element and ended up enraging powerful wolves who killed ‘em.” “Cheerful,” Ash said, looking plainly at Convel. “Hey- where is Akela?” asked MD.

Soon, after about an hour, Akela came back. “I am sorry, Ocean…” “Why so serious?” Ocean interjected, glaring at Akela. “I couldn’t find him. He has gotten to the portal; going into the alien territory would be suicide. I saw him right before he left; he said something like, ‘Got to meet up with another’,” the brown fae whimpered, fearing the leader. “No other 'aliens', then?” Ocean growled, making fun of Akela’s fear of saying the name. “So he is meeting another Animent… Hmm… This isn’t good, but there isn’t anything we can do about it.”

As Ocean headed to Snow and his den, he thought to himself. “I wonder who he is meeting. Probably no one good; Animents are purely traitors… just like Amari… Lupin, is she a bi-“ Ocean thought, before Snow interrupted his mind’s rambling. “Where do you think Muss is headed?” the downy she-wolf asked her mate. “Wherever it is, it isn’t good.” Ocean rumbled. Snow shivered in fear before asking the next question. “I knew that… why do you think he came?”
“I don’t know. Do I look like I know? Because I don’t.”
“This anger is about Amari-“
“DON’T SAY HER NAME HERE AGAIN!!” Ocean roared. Snow yelped, and flinched, as if she had been struck. “I only meant-“ the fae whimpered. “You only meant what?! That you would try and get her to come back from wherever she is now?!”
“No! I just meant that I thought you knew that MD and Amari were friends!”
Ocean stopped short. Memories flooded his head.
'Two wolves stood around the clearing. Both were about a year old, and in training. One black; one black and white. “’Ello… What’s your name?” Ocean said, no rumble or growl to his voice. “I’m Amari; my father addressed me as the Element of Smoke,” the female said. “Cool! I’m Ocean. MY father is the Element of the Moon- Luno! I am the Element of Water!”

“Hey, Amari. Oh, hey, Storm!” Ocean said, now addressing his voice to a dark grey male who strode over to Ocean’s side. “What are you doing with HER? She’s a- a mutt! Born from Wolven families- not coming down from TRUE Elements, like US!” Storm snarled, glaring at the shocked face of Amari. “Leave her alone- you aren’t any better!” The black male growled. “Yes I am; MY father may not be the Element of the Moon, but my mother is a Pure Elemental; the first Element of Earth!” Storm barked, now crouching, as if preparing to tackle Ocean. “Storm, leave us be. If you don’t like it, then go do something useful and stick your nosy snout down a fire-ant hill!” Amari growled, standing near Ocean. Storm grumbled, but went to his family’s den.

“Amari… you know that the leader usually has an… Alpha Female…” Ocean said, looking at his paws. He was now larger; two years old. “Yeah, I know,” said Amari, who was a bit smaller than Ocean. She touched his nose with her own. “Amari… will you be my mate?” He asked, looking her straight in the eyes. “Yes,” she whispered.

“I’m sorry. I’m leaving- to join the other wolves- the ones like me- I’m sorry…” Amari said. She was older now; about three years old. “You’re kidding! You have got to be kidding! You- you can’t leave us… you can’t leave ME!” Ocean growled. “But I am. I’m sorry.” Amari loped off into the forest. “Sir- sir, what would you like me to do?” A brown and cream colored fae asked. “Go, find more wolves with Potential. And do it WELL, Akela,” Ocean snarled. “Alright, sir.” Akela said, before running to the Portal that got to the Wolven world.'

These memories flooded Ocean’s mind as he lay down in the den, next to Snow. His dreams were filled with Amari, Snow, and Muss the rat.

Chapter 4

“Leave me, eh? Forget me, eh? Not on my watch. ‘Cause I- am- MICRO THE MOUSE!!!” the grey mouse squeaked. He still wasn’t keen on showing his wolf form. After trying to convince the Animents that he was not a traitor, they just turned on him more. The Elements hated him already. And his friends had gone to live with them. So Micro – Muss – had gone to live in the Traitor’s Lands. They were a barren place that wild wolves lived after being outcasts. “Reh? Who’s there?” A raspy voice growled. “It is only a lost Animalent… Don’t move; we need to talk.” Micro looked around, and squeaked wildly as a wild-furred, mangy looking, tan-furred wolf came out from behind a cactus. “Name’s Krush. You? Why are you here? Ya lookin for revenge on som’en? Cause I can help. Got a master tah please. Ya need revenge?” Asked the raspy-voiced male. Micro sat up, now a pale grey wolf himself. “Yeah, I want revenge. Who says you can provide it?” asked Micro. “Only the most rabid wolf in Albania. Now, come along, we can talk on the way.”

Micro and Krush went over what had happened in the last few weeks. “You’ve changed things. Ferever. There’s no goin' back. See teh them… yer just a freak. Like me! HEHEHAHAHAHA!!” “WOULD YOU SHUT- UP-?!” Micro snarled, leaping at Krush, who easily pinned the lightweight wolf. “A little fight in ya! I like that!” Krush said. “Then yer gonna love me,” Micro growled.

“We are here! We have made it!” Krush yelped, wagging his tail with glee. Micro stared at the ship, which was half sunken in the ground, and half outwards, towering in the sky. “Well, come on,” Krush said, and skipped into the ship. Micro followed the tan brute, looking nervously at the spider webs, and ant piles, and such. Soon enough they reached a large cabin door. “Chief? I have got one. Lookin fer revenge, and he knows a lot about dem Animalents and Elemelents,” Krush barked at the door. “Bring them in,” said a rumbling voice; it sounded about like Ocean’s voice. As Micro walked into the room, he noticed that Krush’s paws had knife-like claws, instead of rounded, curved claws like Micro. Micro also noted the lint that was stuck in Krush’s fur, as if he never cleaned.

A golden fae sat next to a black male. The brute was huge; scars covered his body. He had fiery red eyes. They almost seemed to glow orange with the passion of disgust and revolt that the male glared at Micro and Krush with. The female who sat next to Rinch wore a smirk. She was absolutely beautiful; she had silver eyes that bore into Micro as he stared, his muzzle open. “My dear… why don’t you show them to the feast,” growled Rinch, pure distaste sunken into his lava eyes. “Come on, then,” the fae crooned sweetly to Rinch and the two others. They all followed her without protest. “And this… is the dinner for tonight,” she said with a sinister grin.

A putrid scent of wolf reached Micro’s nose. “Why does it smell-“ he stopped short. In front of him were at least fifty wolves, Outcasts, chewing on… wolf. Blood was smeared on the wolf’s muzzles. “It isn’t fit to call them wolves anymore… cannibals…” thought Micro. “Well, join in, Muss!” said Rinch. “Err…” the grey wolf started. “Storm, you are here. Good, good.” Rinch said. He talked to Storm. Micro stared in amazement. “But- St- STORM!!” snarled Micro. “What do you want, Animent?” growled Storm. “What I want, is I want to know why you are here, and not with your mate and pack!” said the light grey male. Suddenly a black wolf snorted. Micro saw the brute that had appeared, the wolf that Micro owed a ‘thanks’ for. Although he still didn’t know his name…

“Storm, what have you brought to us?!” Rinch snarled. He was nervous about having a male who knew about all of this. ‘The idiots I have left behind… And now I'm faced with more pathetic wolves. Wonderful.’ Thought Convel. ‘If that hurricane thing hadn’t sucked me up, I would be back arguing with Amari, and killin off deer…’ “Rinch, I understand your nervousness, but Convel wants to join us. Join our ranks,” said Storm.

(Any Ideas on where to put chapter points? Btw, sorry for no italics... All characters belong to their rightful owners, and I asked the owners what side, rank-thingy they wanted. Every character beside Convel, MD, and Ash are RIGHTFULLY MINE, ALONG WITH THE STORY. I have written this, so if you steal my work you are illeagally stealing.)

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A Heaven-Sent Howl (Chapters 1-3, Preview of Chapter 4 up!!!) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Heaven-Sent Howl (Chapters 1-3, Preview of Chapter 4 up!!!)   A Heaven-Sent Howl (Chapters 1-3, Preview of Chapter 4 up!!!) I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 08, 2011 7:31 pm

Well, that was an interesting read. xD It felt strange seeing you portray the other members instead of them, and having Moon Daughter spelt without a space. xD I'm not the biggest fan of elemental powers, though I still enjoyed it enough~

Overall was pretty good, though try using 'these' for thoughts instead of quotation marks to make things easier to understand; it doesn't just have to be italics.
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A Heaven-Sent Howl (Chapters 1-3, Preview of Chapter 4 up!!!) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Heaven-Sent Howl (Chapters 1-3, Preview of Chapter 4 up!!!)   A Heaven-Sent Howl (Chapters 1-3, Preview of Chapter 4 up!!!) I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 09, 2011 4:03 am

And once again another person likes. Just to say now, I try to keep spome details online with the pack, like Convel losing his eye (which he will). Thx for the reply!
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A Heaven-Sent Howl (Chapters 1-3, Preview of Chapter 4 up!!!) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Heaven-Sent Howl (Chapters 1-3, Preview of Chapter 4 up!!!)   A Heaven-Sent Howl (Chapters 1-3, Preview of Chapter 4 up!!!) I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 12, 2011 4:21 pm

A preview of Chapter four is up!!
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A Heaven-Sent Howl (Chapters 1-3, Preview of Chapter 4 up!!!) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Heaven-Sent Howl (Chapters 1-3, Preview of Chapter 4 up!!!)   A Heaven-Sent Howl (Chapters 1-3, Preview of Chapter 4 up!!!) I_icon_minitime

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A Heaven-Sent Howl (Chapters 1-3, Preview of Chapter 4 up!!!)
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