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 The story of Bob (Epic name is epic btw)

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The story of Bob (Epic name is epic btw) Empty
PostSubject: The story of Bob (Epic name is epic btw)   The story of Bob (Epic name is epic btw) I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 11, 2011 8:26 am

So liek, I had this inspiration thingy, and this is what came out :I It's short I know... But that's the beggining!

Bob was born like other eagles. Just a single egg in his family. But when he became a bit older, he learned something very important... He learned that he belonged to a royal family. A family that ruled the kingdom of eagles. The kingdom was hidden in an island that nobody knew. Eagles that weren't born there, didn't knew such kingdom exists. Nobody wanted to leave the island. It was a paradise for the eagles. There was prey everywhere. The eagles only grew bigger and stronger each year. They lived a lot longer than others. Everyone was happy. And because Bob came from there, he had to train. He had to train like other young eagles. Train to fight, to survive, to win... He was the best among eagles of his age. Biggest one and strongest one. He also had to train his mind. He had a teacher of his own, that told him about the world, eagle history and his family. He was a quick learner. He knew everything! Everyone was proud of him, and waiting for him to become the king! But only one thing left... Every king had to have a queen, so he had to choose who... And because he was the best one, every girl eagle loved him. But he wasn't interested in them, he already loved one girl eagle that he saw while training. She was the most beautiful, the most graceful of all the eagles! He found her, and they married really soon. They were happy, everyone was happy! They finally became king and queen. But one day something happened... Something awful... Something that nobody expected to happen... Ever... He was flying to his way home, to his castle, to meet his wife, his queen. He became king just yesterday, so he had to do some stuff, and came back late, way too late... He stepped into his room, hoping to see his beloved wife... And he saw her. He screamed in horror, what had happened to her? She was there, but she was dead... Her body was leaning towards a huge twig. Blood was coming out of her eyes and beak. Bob came closer searching for the reason why she's dead, and saw it. The twig was infested with some kind of fungi. He came closer, but too close. He, without knowing it, breathed in some of the spores fungi had released. He suddenly choked, and gasped for air, but fell to the ground... He screamed for help, and then everything turned black. Only some voices could be heard, but they faded away too...

He was flying, flying very high. Memories flood his mind, and he cried, tears coming down and falling to the ground below. His wife, his beloved eagle, his queen, was dead long ago now... He remembered what happened next…

The guards heard his scream and came to help, only to find him falling to the ground... But he was saved. The doctors cured him, but they couldn't help their queen. She was dead, and that was all. Someone still had to rule the kingdom, and Bob was doing it... Would be doing it, but the fungi did something horrible to him. He couldn’t speak. All he could do is scream. The eagles were horrified! He could feel their hate towards him. He could do nothing, but leave. So he did… He left the kingdom, he left the paradise of eagles. The paradise where all eagles were welcome. The kingdom where all eagles were happy, except one… He left. He flew away. The fungi was destroyed, as so was his wife… Bob’s parents had another egg, so he knew that the kingdom is in good hands… He left everyone, everything behind, to start a new life. A dangerous life. Where he must learn everything again… To appear to the world as a prince, a prince that left his castle for good. A prince that lost his voice, and his beloved queen. The prince of the Eagle Kingdom...

Tell me about mistakes I'm too lazy to look for them now xP

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I will shut the world away.
I will not fall, I will not fade.
I will take your breath away."
~Breaking Benjamin "I will not bow"
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The story of Bob (Epic name is epic btw)
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